How It Works

The best, highly skilled, and most experienced intuitive readers have a process of communing with Spirit Guides and Angels.  I prepares a sacred space for readings, which includes following a prayer of gratitude.  I believe the information comes from a divine source and is for the highest good of those seeking guidance.


Readings can be in person, or remotely.  Be prepared with questions and/or areas of discussion or clarification that you would like to discuss.


Readings are conducted in a safe-space environment.  All the information shared is for the highest good of all with emphasis on kindness and truth.  If you're seeking answers or advice on medical, or legal matters, please consult with legally trained professionals.  I'm not a licensed counselor or therapist.  I request all clients be open to the experience and the information shared.  The expressed intent is for a positive connection.

Psychics, Mystics, & Mediums

Psychics use their own energy to interpret the information they're receiving, which is often a direct peer-to-peer experience.  Psychics can also use physical tools such as Tarot, Crystal Balls, and the lines in a person's palm to tune in.  A psychic reading is more of a prediction and general feeling about the future based on the client's energy at the time.

Mystics believe they are chosen by God to conduct their work similar to priests, nuns, rabbis and others who are ordained religious leaders.  They too believe they are called to serve and qualified by God to do so.

Mediums connect directly with spirits in the afterlife.  They're often referred to as psychic mediums and they use intuitive skills during the process of a reading.  Mediums relay specific messages to clients from spirit.  Many have developed additional specialties in Metaphysics such as transcendental channeling, astrology, Oracle Readings and Angel Readings.  They see their work as an intentional choice to be of service to others.


 The "Clairs" are all the physical senses with the caveat of non-physical clarity.  Clairvoyant (sight) Clairaudient (hearing) Claircognizance (feeling). These work by using the telepathic neuropaths of the brain and are the most common to use and develop.