How It Works

Communicating with spirit is a respectful, simple process.  I get quiet, clear my mind and tune in.  I believe the information comes from a divine source, for which I'm humble and grateful for.  I work with energy for the highest possible good of everyone involved.  All I ask is that seekers of this type of connection be open to the process.


Readings can be in person, or remotely.  Place yourself in a quite place, free of loud distracting noises.  Be prepared with questions and/or areas of discussion or clarification that you would like to discuss.


What you do with the information you recieve is your choice.  If you're seeking information of a medical, or legal matter, I strongly suggest you consult with legally trained professionals.  I'm not a licensed counselor or therapist.  I request all clients be open to the experience and the information shared.  The expressed intent is for a possitive connection.

Psychics, Mystics, & Mediums

Psychics use their own sixth sense of intuition and what they perceive to be the vibrations of others to interpret their thoughts about the past, present, and future during readings for others.  Many use Crystal Balls, the Tarot, and other tools to tune in and read what's going on.  

Mystics are born with the gift and choose to connect directly with God and divine energy.  Many are devout and believe they are chosen by God.  Priests, Nuns, etc., communicate directly with God, the divine and deliver the messages.  There are some not connected to traditional churches but still have a strong faith who are practicing Mystics.  Mystics believe everything and everyone has a purpose on earth as it is in heaven and their messages create the connection between the two.  They remove the barrier that separates themselves from the other person to see things from their prospective.  There are no coincidences.  Even impulses come from within for a reason.

Mediums connect directly with spirits in the afterlife.  They're often referred to as psychic mediums because during the process of connecting with spirit, they're also tapping into their intuitive skills.  Mediums deliver messages from those who are no longer living to those who are.


 The "Clairs" are all the physical senses with the caveat of non-physical clarity.  Clairvoyant (sight) Clairaudient (hearing) Claircognizance (feeling). These work by using the telepathic neuropaths of the brain and are the most common to use and develop.


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