This video gives the reason for creatring the retail line

My anti-aging, collagen-building, and thermo-protective properties, leave hair beautiful, strong, and manageable with lasting color hold.

​My cleansing and conditioning range work to sustain hair’s innate wellness and beauty, whether the clients' hair needs nourishment, moisture, taming, volume, or hold.

I use biomineral technology with a precise blend of natural minerals and protein catalysts designed to achieve results my clients can see and feel instantly.



The Shampoos & Conditioners contain plant-based formulations and energetic antioxidants to help reduce free radicals, plus natural cleansers from the essential oils Together these ingredient help prevent breakdown and return the hair to its correct pH levels.

8501 Tower Point Drive, Suite A-128, Charlotte NC 28227 : Telephone (704) 451-9464

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