Although my career has been primarily rooted in hairdressing, teaching, and expanded to yoga several years ago, I've had a passion and interest in mysticism, channeling, and psychic energy work for over 30 years.  I started as a client, and later student of psychic transmedium Mataare (formerly known as Paul McClain) in South Florida, then took advanced training in Transcendental Channeling with Mary Shirk.  After moving to North Carolina In the mid-90's I formed The Soul Path Connection and held my own group and private channeling sessions, as well as participating in numerous spiritual exhibits, fairs and shows in the area.

After the passing of two dear psychic friends (whom I now communicate with in spirit form) and my own near-death experience in 2013, I have a renewed love and respect for higher vibrational energy work, and have worked on using my gifts and psychic abilities more.

Everyone is on a life path, but not everyone is awake or connected to the soul path or how to tap into its potential.  If this interests and intrigues you, please use the pages in this section of my website to gather information for yourself, and feel free to get in touch. 


If you'd like to book a session, I hold them in person, or remotely by telephone or through Zoom.  Sessions are booked in 30 minute and one-hour sessions.  Please complete the form below.  Thank you. 

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8501 Tower Point Drive, Suite A-128, Charlotte NC 28227 : Telephone (704) 451-9464

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