SoulPath Services

Private Consultations Start From $50

I strive to offer the best readings possible.  They're offered in 30-minute and one-hour sessions.  I work with a number of Angel Card Oracle Decks, placed in specific spread patterns depending on the nature of the reading and the person seeking guidance.

I also create a safe space to invite Spirit Guides and Angels in with additional insight.  The intention is always geared towards growth and a positive experience for clients.

Group Readings

Group readings and channeling are typically for 6 and 30 participants and arranged in advance with an hourly tariff and a two-hour minimum commitment.  Each participant will have a designated amount of time for their reading depending on the number of participants.  For channeling the guides will address the entire group as a whole.

Guided Meditation $35

This is the best way to open up the channels of communication to the Soul. The overall benefits and transformative effects of meditation have been proven time and again. The sessions I facilitate are teaching tools for individuals or groups. The intention is centered around health and wellness with an emphasis on relaxation, stress relief, to facilitate inner and outer peace and joy.

Soulpath Groups $25 Per Person

These are group connections with the intention of creating a community for those who wish to learn more about developing a connection with Angels and the spirit world.  Each meeting has a specific topic of focus and everyone gets a general mini

card reading.


Readings are conducted in a safe-space environment.  All the information shared is for the highest good of all with emphasis on kindness and truth.  If you're seeking answers or advice on medical, or legal matters, please consult with legally trained professionals.  I'm not a licensed counselor or therapist.  I request all clients be open to the experience and the information shared.  The expressed intent is for a positive connection.