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My Life As A Mystic

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I believe we are spirits having a human experience, and that the soul is the deepest, most unique part of us.  I also think the soul and spirit work as one  vibrational energy, extended from the source of creation, also known as God, The Universe, or The Divine.


I can't remember when I first realized I had spiritual gifts, which I call extra sensory.  I remember my Grandmother doing private readings and experiencing  spirits when I was around 11.  I'd see people out of the corner of my eye, and when I'd turn to look at them, they weren't there and hearing voices.  In my mid-20's, I learned how to channel and studied the art of Mysticism.  


Although I think everyone has  the capacity to learn and develop their extra sensory abilities, not everyone is open to the spirit world.  I've had too many instances to ignore them and want to use what I've learned as a mystic  to inspire and motivate others on their meaningful life path. 

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Thank you


What others are saying

Accuracy with Grace. 

When my dog was diagnosed with cancer, I had a reading with Kevin.  He told me that she wasn't ready to go yet and that I would know when it was time.  The doctor had given her possibly a month, but Kevin said not to worry about what the doctor said as far as a timeline goes.  Enjoy the moments with her, and I did for four more months until it was time to let her go.  The day she passed I received a call from Kevin to say that he saw her with my late husband, and they had sent me a message that they had picked out a puppy that wasn’t born yet.  I was in tears having just left the vets office, and certainly NOT ready.  Kevin said they were emphatic that there was a girl with a red coat coming to me they had already picked out.   Journey (the puppy) was born 9 days later and she came to me 8 weeks after that.  She, and Kevin’s message, helped me heal. 

– Piper-Anne. Spartanburg S.C.


Readings are conducted in a safe-space environment.  All the information shared is for the highest good of all with emphasis on kindness and truth.  If you're seeking answers or advice on medical, or legal matters, please consult with legally trained professionals.  I'm not a licensed counselor or therapist.  I request all clients be open to the experience and the information shared.  The expressed intent is for a positive connection.

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