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Meet Kevin


Kevin is everyone's favorite crazy uncle.  The perfect blend of naught and nice, sparkle and spice, who people want to meet and spend time with.  He's the one to help turn what you don't believe into Just Wait and See!

Born and raised on the South Coast to England, he started his career as an apprentice hairdresser in his early teens.  He was fascinated with hair as a child and his Great, Great, Grandfather, owned a wig-making salon in Stratford on Avon in the late 1800's. 


Anyone who knows Kevin knows that he's not shy or bashful about taking bold chances.  At 19, he boldly applied for a job in Miami, landed and interview and got an offer.  Being under 21 and still in his  training meant declining.  Three years later, a psychic medium predicted that Kevin would cross an ocean and land in a city with bright lights, and night life and would never come back.  A month or so later, he found the acceptance letter from the Miami salon and got in contact.  A few weeks later he was living and working in Miami.

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