Meet Kevin 


My work has predominately been in the hair industry all my life, starting in the mid 70's as Saturday Apprentice when women copied Farrah Faucett, and men wanted to dance like John Travolta at the discos.  After high-school I served a three-year apprenticeship with World Champion hairdresser Marc Young, and became certified through the Incorporated Guild of Ladies Hairdressing of London.  My talent created an opportunity in the US in 1985, and I'm thrilled to still be doing great hair with wonderful people today.

Personal Growth

My interest in personal growth stems from my own transformational experience with Yoga, which began in 2008.  I've practiced and led powerful transformational workshops and classes incorporating the practices and techniques of yoga, meditation, nutrition, and intuitive inquiry work.  I see it as a seamless extension to the work I do with hair.  Helping clients look their best is only part of the benefit, encouraging them to own their lives and helping them be their best is just as important. 

Psychic Mediumship

I have a page dedicated to my work as a psychic medium known as The Soul Path Connection.  My ability to connect with Angels and Spirit Guides was inspired and encouraged by my Grandmother Mabel when I was a child.  If you want to learn more, click the link to that page above.