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Harnessing Positive Energy: The Gateway to Manifesting Miracles

In the intricate dance of manifestation, where intentions meet the Universe's response, one truly important step stands out as the baseline to success: Embracing The Positive. In this shape-shifting and transformative phase, we step into the profound impact of aligning our energy and the pivotal role positivity plays in manifesting miracles.

The Power of Energy Alignment:

The marvelous engine of manifestation, its heartbeat, is an energetic alignment between our desires and the Universe's response. According to Abraham Hicks (Law of Attraction) it takes just 17 seconds for a thought to create a vibration before another thought, similar to it gets created, and another and another and so on. The same can be said for negative energy, the murky adversary, which lurks in the shadows and shows up as doubt, fear, and insecurity. Like a thief in the night, it can sabotage the very miracles we seek to bring into our lives. Understanding the profound influence of energy sets the stage for a conscious and deliberate shift toward positivity.

The Manifestation Antidote: Positivity:

Focusing on negativity begets more of the same. There’s a saying… “keep doing what you’ve been doing and you get what you got.” The same can be said about our thinking. Putting energy and focus on what’s not wanted, or the absence of something wanted keeps the miracles stuck in a never-ending cycle of not getting or having. The key to unlocking the doors to miracles lies in the intentional cultivation of positivity, a practice that requires creativity and determination. By letting the magic of the mind get as creative as possible, and seeing the object, situation, person, or thing we desire, as if it’s in the here and now, generates the positive energy the Universe must respond to.

The Soundtrack of Manifestation:

Imagine creating something monumental – a "biggie," as we affectionately call it. One very powerful tool at our disposal is music. The rhythm and beats of upbeat melodies have the wonderful ability to elevate our mood and stir up our spirit. It’s almost guaranteed to chase away the heaviness of doubts that automatically fly up. As you think about your desires, find a tune that makes your toes tap and your hips to sway. Let the beat harmonize with your visualizations, creating a symphony of positivity. In this melodic dance, try to create affirmative raps like “I’m a money magnet, I’m a money magnet, I’m a money magnet.” Let the affirmations become verses to echo your desires.

Gratitude: A Catalyst for Miracles:

Amidst the pursuit of grand aspirations, it's easy to overlook the significance of the small victories along the way. Gratitude becomes a powerful catalyst for manifesting miracles. Acknowledging and appreciating each incremental step towards your goal not only magnifies the positive energy you emit but also serves as a reminder of the progress made. Gratitude is the secret ingredient that keeps the manifestation process fueled and keeps us focused and determined to continue. What trips many of us up is patience. We can see the big thing that’s wanted and do the work of visualizing and creating the energy of manifesting, only to be frustrated when it doesn’t arrive fast enough or seems like too much. The Universe is fantastic at offering little bread crumbs of progress towards a bigger goal. I wanted to manifest a way to become debt free – I started my imaginary jingle – “my bills are paid, my bills are paid, all my bills are paid and I’m debt free.” Yet the money wasn’t coming in to pay the bills I wanted to pay. This is how the Universe gets us to pivot and see where changes need to be made. Every time I got a dollar, or found a penny, or any kind of money showed up, I said thank you, thank you, thank you, three times just like that. Little by little, things started shifting and eventually I got an offer from a debt settlement company and said thank you, thank you, thank you, again for everything being paid off.

Becoming a Magnet for Miracles:

Maintaining a positive and high-vibrational energy transforms you into a magnet for miracles. The universe responds to the energy you emit, and by radiating positivity, you attract the very miracles you seek. It's a magnetic dance where your intentions resonate with the cosmic vibrations, creating a harmonious flow of manifestation.

The Art and Practice of Positivity in Manifestation:

Embracing positivity is a transformative practice and requires diligence and the right mindset. Don’t be surprised if your ego keeps you stuck in the comfort-zone for a bit, and don’t beat yourself up if negative vibes creep in. Simply be aware that you’re practicing the art of allowing good things to come to you and allowing good energy to lift your mood. It’s the grand tapestry of manifesting miracles, so let it weave your dreams into reality by keeping the good vibes flowing.

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1 Comment

Marysue Page
Marysue Page
Nov 18, 2023

This blog is so encouraging! My biggest “ah, ha” is that we must remember to be grateful for the small steps along the way! Thank you Kevin!

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