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You are a Magnet for Miracles

Today’s world and culture seems filled with uncertainty. The very idea of manifesting anything, let alone a miracle, might seem far-fetched to you. I’ll admit, it took me a while to get my head around the idea that focusing on a specific intention and giving it enough energetic power, would create it. To me, the art and practice of manifestation reminds me a bit of a dance, a rhythm with steps. To fully understand how to create what we desire on purpose it’s imperative to know, at the core of who we are, that we can. This is the easy part. Think of a recent example of when you truly wanted an item of clothing, or a new car, or a new home, or a new job, something that you knew you could get with a bit of effort but weren’t quite sure how it was going to happen. All you knew was that by hook, or crook you were going to have what you wanted. Now, remember how it felt when you got it. Remember seeing yourself in the outfit, or the test drive of the car, or seeing your home for the first time. That’s how manifestation works. By focusing our energy and attention on what we want to create, we attract those things into our lives. Now let’s start the dance to creating something that’s a bit more of a stretch – a miracle.

Step 1. Clarity of Intention

The first step is being specific and clear about what you truly desire. I personally like to find time in my day, usually first thing in the morning, when I’ve not got any distractions, and reflect on what’s in my heart. What thing, or situation would bring me joy and make me happy? What will it feel like to have it and how will gaining it impact the lives of my friends? Will gaining this help other people? How many people will benefit by my having this? Remember, it’s important that the mind-set be truly positive and set up so that more people benefit. Last summer I wanted a Ford F150 Raptor. It was out of my budget for sure, and I set about concentrating on finding one that was in my budget, then concentrated on the color I might like to have, then concentrated on how the dealership would benefit, and how the person getting my trade would benefit, and so on. Less than 30-days after doing this, I drove home in the car of my dreams, or intentions.

Step 2 Visualization and Affirmations

Once you have a mental road map of what it is you want and the clarity on how it will impact you, add the visual layer by using your imagination. Close your eyes and picture it. If it’s a car, feel the keys in your hands, or the steering wheel. If it’s a holiday, picture where and with whom. Engage all your senses to make it more vivid. Bring in your feelings, the sounds, what it looks like, what it all smells like. To add more power and magic to your desires, make positive statements. I like to use “I AM” affirmations, e.g.

“I am the commander of the present, bringing all that I want and desire into existence”. If that’s a bit too weird or doesn’t fit with you, then create something that you know you’re comfortable with. Just bring it all into the present time as if you already have it.

Step 3. Embracing The Positive

Manifesting miracles is about aligning energy. Negative energy, such as doubt and fear and insecurity, is a surefire way to sabotage any miracle. Focusing on negativity will manifest more of it, and this is why the key to manifesting miracles requires art and practice. Whenever I want to create something that’s a biggie... I find some upbeat music, something that will make my toes tap and my hips start bopping. I’ll keep my visualizations going while the track or song plays, and sometimes create a little rhyme from the affirmations. I also believe in being grateful for each little step along the way to getting what I want. Maintaining a positive and high-vibrational energy, you become a magnet for miracles.

Step 4. Mind Your Own Business

As much as you want to, try to refrain from telling anyone else what you’re up to. I remember once, looking into getting a mortgage for my current house, It was a stretch to qualify for the loan. A spiritual friend of mine had actually drawn the house before I even saw it, when I saw it I knew I had to have it. I made the mistake of telling someone what I was going to do to manifest it, and their response was filled with doubts, and all the reasons I wouldn’t get it and all the questions about why I wanted such a big house for one person. I ended up getting the house, but not until I worked hard to realign my thoughts with affirmations and beliefs. It’s far too easy to be swayed or influenced negatively by someone who doesn’t get it, or isn’t on the same vibrational wavelength.

5. Letting Go and Trusting the Process

Taking the steps above is crucial to move you into manifesting miracles. Now you have to trust the process to bring it, and for that you must let go of the control. Trust that you’ve done all that’s needed and get into the feeling of knowing that it's coming. Do not become fixated on the "how" and "when"of your manifestation. Let go of any doubts, fears, or limiting beliefs that may hinder your progress. Have faith that the universe is working in your favor and that your desires are being orchestrated behind the scenes. Detach from the outcome and embrace a state of trust and surrender.

Kevin is Charlotte’s Opti-Mystic Messenger, dedicated to helping support you on discovering your own spiritual journey, with the goal of tapping into your full potentiality. He believes we are all spiritual beings having a human experience, and sometimes this can be challenging to navigate in the physical world. Kevin offers channeling sessions in groups, as well as private, individual sessions. His intention is to teach and help others facilitate their own connections with their higher-vibrational self through deep relaxation, meditation, and grounding techniques. The objective is to remove the myths and mysteries behind having a spiritual

connection with the Divine, and help others create balance and harmony in life.

For more information and session bookings, visit our website

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